Grade 1/2: Carrier Pigeons

In our Grade 1 and 2 Pegasus group we have been exploring significant animals in Australia’s History and have started to identify how they helped to make a better world at a specific moment in time.

This week we are reading and researching to learn more about the role of carrier pigeons used to support the Australian Army during WWI and WWII. On Monday 8th May we shared this picture book,

This book was inspired by the true story of the Australian carrier pigeon D D43 Q879, who was awarded the Dickin Medal for ‘Conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty’. The medal was awarded in 1947.

The Dickin Medal is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for bravery.

This primary source of information is not about Flapper, yet another carrier pigeon. Thought you would enjoy watching to be transported back to the 1940s.




ABC: Animals at War

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