Finished researching? Now compose your report!

The text structure of an information report is to present information about an object, animal, person or place. You use paragraphs with topic sentences to organise the different bundles of information discovered in your research for the NHC.

See the examples below for an Information Report titled, iPhone.

Planning Proforma

Composed Information Report

Further Resources:

Annotated Information Report Template, Butterflies



– Choose topic.

– Use Info Report Data Chart

– complete proforma


– General classification

– Written in the third person

– Description written in related groups of information

– Comparison

– Written in present tense

– Sentences containing more than one fact

– Topic sentence

– Specialised vocabulary


– Factual and precise adjectives

– Action Verbs


Refer to the revising planner. If not appropriate, need to establish extra ones for specific genres.

Publishing to be completed for homework in the Grade 5/6 Pegasus classes only.



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