Grade 5/6: The Role of the Designer

Take note of the different seating options that exist, both indoor and outdoor, at your school. We selected 5 chairs to compare and contrast today.

What do they have in common and why?

How do they differ in,

  • materials used to construct the chair?
  • appearance/looks. Are they aesthetically pleasing?
  • universal design. Can it be used by a variety of ages regardless of their differences in height, left/right handedness, ability or disability?
  • durable
  • ergonomic?
  • safety
  • used efficiently
  • can they be stored easily>
  • weight
  • estimated costs

Grade 5/6 – Thursday 3rd August

Welcome Grade 5/6 students,

What were some of the magic techniques you researched that magicians use to deceive their audiences? Please list the 3 you researched.

You may add a link to direct your team mates to learn more about this technique.

Thanks for a terrific first session,
Miss Tomat 🙂