It’s that time of year again!

The G.A.T.E.WAYS Challenge is a team event to challenge, extend, excite and encourage primary students. The Challenge:

  • stresses teamwork
  • provides participants with opportunity for leadership
  • encourages team members to interact in an efficient and cohesive manner
  • is about problem-solving – recognising and negotiating obstacles and, as a team, finding solutions
  • practises skills necessary for competent performance
  • runs morning workshops on the day of the Challenge to prepare teams
  • gives satisfaction from activities as well as outcomes
  • emphasises having fun with learning

In Term 3, our Grade 3/4 and Grade 5/6 Pegasus Program at Apollo Parkway PS will focus on the G.A.T.E.WAYS Team Challenge. Twenty-four students will work with Miss Tomat each week to complete preparation challenges and reinforce skills in particular curriculum areas. Students will be grouped into teams of 4 earlier in the term so they can collaborate together, learn their team members talents, individual skills and interests and develop an understanding of the challenge they would like to lead their team in on the day.

Click here to be directed to the G.A.T.E.WAYS Challenge website.

When is the G.A.T.E.WAYS Team Challenge?

Term 4 – Week 1

Wednesday 11th October: Grade 3 and 4

Thursday 12th October: Grade 5 and 6

Winners on the day will secure a place in the National FINALS. 

Friday 8th December @ Box Hill High


Finished researching? Now compose your report!

The text structure of an information report is to present information about an object, animal, person or place. You use paragraphs with topic sentences to organise the different bundles of information discovered in your research for the NHC.

See the examples below for an Information Report titled, iPhone.

Planning Proforma

Composed Information Report

Further Resources:

Annotated Information Report Template, Butterflies



– Choose topic.

– Use Info Report Data Chart

– complete proforma


– General classification

– Written in the third person

– Description written in related groups of information

– Comparison

– Written in present tense

– Sentences containing more than one fact

– Topic sentence

– Specialised vocabulary


– Factual and precise adjectives

– Action Verbs


Refer to the revising planner. If not appropriate, need to establish extra ones for specific genres.

Publishing to be completed for homework in the Grade 5/6 Pegasus classes only.


Grade 1/2: A is for Animals

Source of this post’s information: Australian War Memorial

A is for Animals offers an A to Z of animals in war, from mascots and messengers to creepy-crawlies. Animals are put to many uses in war. Sometimes they have jobs to do: the horses, camels, mules, and donkeys used to transport soldiers and equipment, as well as carrier pigeons and tracker dog with their special talents. Often animals are used as mascots and pets, or as symbols on badges and flags. A is for animals also looks at those unwelcome animals, such as insects, rats, and wild creatures, that make life in the field even more difficult and dangerous.

Click on the link here to listen about the role of Animals during wartime.

Although the Grade 1/2 students are focusing on Australian History and Animals at War, the following link shows images of 15 animals who assisted the soldiers in other countries during WWI and WWII. Click here.

Grade 1/2: Carrier Pigeons

In our Grade 1 and 2 Pegasus group we have been exploring significant animals in Australia’s History and have started to identify how they helped to make a better world at a specific moment in time.

This week we are reading and researching to learn more about the role of carrier pigeons used to support the Australian Army during WWI and WWII. On Monday 8th May we shared this picture book,

This book was inspired by the true story of the Australian carrier pigeon D D43 Q879, who was awarded the Dickin Medal for ‘Conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty’. The medal was awarded in 1947.

The Dickin Medal is the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for bravery.

This primary source of information is not about Flapper, yet another carrier pigeon. Thought you would enjoy watching to be transported back to the 1940s.




ABC: Animals at War

What do you think?

The theme for 2017 is,

Making a Better World

What will your museum exhibit represent?

Let’s start by exploring important events, people and places…

Defining Moments in Australian History examines events, people and places of profound significance to the Australian people. Here you can explore hundreds of key moments in Australia’s history compiled by a panel of leading historians and the general public.

What defining moment in Australian History has grabbed your attention and engaged you?

How do you feel this has contributed to making a better world?





Key Dates for the NHC

Miss Tomat has enrolled the Apollo Parkways Pegasus group as participants in the 2017 National History Challenge. However, we will wait for all returned parent permissions, and finalise our group/individual entries before we mail our formal enrollment documentation.

Entries close 25 August 2017

Winners notified mid October 2017

State Presentation dates to be announced at a later date.