Grade 5/6 GATEways Challenge

The G.A.T.E.WAYS Challenge is a team event to challenge, extend, excite and encourage primary students. The Challenge:

  • stresses teamwork
  • provides participants with opportunity for leadership
  • encourages team members to interact in an efficient and cohesive manner
  • is about problem-solving – recognising and negotiating obstacles and, as a team, finding solutions
  • practises skills necessary for competent performance
  • runs morning workshops on the day of the Challenge to prepare teams
  • gives satisfaction from activities as well as outcomes
  • emphasises having fun with learning



The Challenge Handbook and other resources are published on with activities to assist team preparation. You can download the Grade 5 and 6 Challenge Handbook here.

  1. Hi Miss Tomat,
    This is Selina from the grade 5/6 Pegasus, since my team (Amity, Flynn Ned and I) are going into the next round of the challenge, is there going to be different activities on the challenge day? Or is it the same as Thursday? Another thing is that are the 4 of us still going to meet with you for practises or are you just going to put the things up on the blog?
    Thanks Selina👍🏻

    • Good morning Selina,

      From my understanding, and from the feedback from the educators at G.A.T.E.WAYS, the four challenges on the day will be similar to those you have prepared for and experienced. As the month draws closer, teachers (me) are emailed resources to assist students with preparations for this final. G.A.T.E.WAYS has not emailed any teachers coordinators as of yet! The topics are the same, the challenges will have a different question.

      When November kicks off, your team and I will meet and commence discussions and preparations together. Are you excited? I sure am!!!!!

      Hope this response helps to answer your question.

      Have a lovely day,

      From Miss Tomat 🙂

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