The Case of the Vanishing Blueprints

To prepare for the 1st challenge you will need to…

  1. Think logically
  2. Apply knowledge from one area to another.

Preparation Task 1 – “Stage Magic”

Purpose: To become familiar with some of the typical methods employed by magicians in order to ‘trick’ people into believing in the magic.

Research 3 different ways magicians can deceive their audiences
1) List the 3 techniques that you researched
2) Write a brief description
3) Share a magic trick that uses each technique

Tip: Utilise your knowledge of a variety of graphical organisers to represent your research. e.g. Tri-Venn Diagrams, Inspiration Mind Maps using the app on your iPad, lists, labelled diagrams etc.

Preparation Task 2 – “Security Measures”

Purpose: To find out more about the security measures that our thief/thieves needed to get past in order to steal the blueprints.

Security measures are steps taken as a precaution against theft,
espionage or sabotage in a protected facility. What we are talking about here is physical security, which is often overlooked in favour of more technical threats such as hacking, malware, and cyberespionage. However, breaches of physical security can be carried out with little or no technical knowledge on the part of a thief. Physical security has three important components:

Physical security has 3 different components…

Deterrence methods – Used to make it difficult to get in. These can be both physical and psychological barriers to entry eg. Physical barriers such as fences

Intrusion detection – Used to tell when someone has gotten past the past the deterrence methods eg. Alarms

Access Control – Used to limit access to authorised personnel only eg. Biometric scanners

Firstly, make a list of security measures that you can think of on your own. Create a table or use the one provided to you in today’s session


Now that you have a list, try to find out a little bit about how they might work or be used. Below are some websites that you may find helpful to find even more examples.
Remember, some of these security measures will have been used at STARTECHLabs. While you are learning about them, it won’t hurt to spend some time thinking about how you might get past them also.


Preparation Task 3 – “Science Concepts”

Purpose: In this section, we are going to find out about some scientific principles that might help us during the course of our investigations.

Click here to view the science concepts that we will be learning about. Since there is so much to learn about these topics, they are also broken into the particular sub-topics that you will need to know about. Answer the questions to give your research some focus. Once you can answer these questions you will know enough about the science required to complete the challenge.

Below are some good websites to check out with kid friendly explanations to help you along.






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