Hopscotch: Core Coding Concepts

When learning the concepts to code and create a program using Hopscotch, you will need to understand the following abbreviations:

Sequence (S) – The order in which instructions are given to the computer
Event (E) – A trigger that a computer recognizes and that causes it to do something Loop (L) – Code that repeats
Value/Variable (V) – A holder for a number
Conditional (C) – Statements of the form “IF (something is true) THEN (do an action)”.

Pegasus begins, 2017!

Pegasus will start in week 3 of Term 1. Students will receive an envelope addressed to their parents to confirm selection for our first programs for the year. There are 3 Pegasus groups. They are,

Grade 1 and 2 – Mondays – 11.10 to 12.45pm

Grade 3 and 4 – Fridays – 1.55pm to 3.15pm

Grade 5 and 6 – Mondays – 9.10 to 10.30am

The Technologies curriculum will be the focus for the program this term. Students will have an introduction to coding. They will have an opportunity to develop their programming skills and digital literacy while learning a variety of coding languages.

Good luck! The finals are here!

Apollo Parkways Primary School sends their proud and supportive well wishes to our first place G.A.T.E.WAYS Challenge winners who will be competing in the finals on Friday 2nd December. Now that the local qualifying finals are complete, teams can begin to access and utilise the preparation resources for the finals. Please view the general advice and activity pack here. Our Grade 5 and 6 team, Apollo Winners are…

glittertextmaker.info     glittertextmaker.infoand     glittertextmaker.infoglittertextmaker.info

Thursday 3rd November: Grade 4/5 Pegasus

Welcome to your 3rd Pegasus session! The focus of today is to finalise your topic and create questions for you to base your personal inquiry on.

TASK ONE: Create a fact finder chart in Pages on the iPad/Laptop. First create a table with the following headings.

  1. WHO?
  2. WHEN?
  3. WHERE?
  4. HOW?
  5. WHY?

Then create a question using each keyword to start your research for your selected ancient civilization. Type the questions into the table under each heading (keyword). Print it off and hand to your teacher (please remember to title the document, using the name of your ancient civilization, and put your name)


TASK TWO: Words Galore!

Brainstorm as many keywords as you can that surround your mind and jump out of your head in regards to the ancient civilization that you have selected to base your inquiry on. You may remember the list of keywords we developed together last week when we discussed ‘archaeology’. Using coloured Textas will also help you to make connections, create a legend to show common themes or simply make your word poster look awesome! 🙂



TASK THREE: An individual Inquiry deserves an Individual approach!

Browse the ‘Passion Project’ printed table. Celebrate that we are all individuals who learn differently with our own set of talents. Today you are to view the ‘Knowledge’ column and think about the first stage of learning – Please select any 2 activities to complete today!


Term 4 – Grade 4/5: First Session!

Welcome! Welcome!

Click here to access our get to know each other ‘Padlet’. What is a Padlet?

Well click on the link and find out!

Hope you enjoy our Pegasus topic this term! I am looking forward to working with each of you as you research and complete an inquiry project.


Miss Tomat

Today’s Revision

Escape from Greystone Manner

Go to this website and create a circuit! Once finished – screen shot and show Mrs. Eames-Mayer before moving on to the next activity.


Go to this website and answer the following questions:


What makes a circuit work?

What are the two types of power sources?

What is a conductor?

What is an insulator?

Why are switches useful?

Types of Energy

Go to this website and answer the following questions.


What are the two main types of energy? Describe them

Give a definition for: mechanical , heat, chemical, electrical and gravitational energy

Catch the Beat

Use the website below to learn more clues about cryptic crosswords


To have a go at another cryptic crossword see this website:


To have another go at identifying the beats for songs: