Grade 3 and 4 Pegasus

iPad Activity 1

This is a short tutorial to help you (Grade 1 and Grade 2 Pegasus students) get started with the ScratchJr app. It shows you how to create and save a new project. You will learn how to move the cat forward and backward. You will also be shown how to get the cat to appear and disappear. In our first lesson you will be encouraged to explore the app. Share your findings with your peers as you learn all the settings and work your way around the interface.

iPad Activity 2

Can you use the ScratchJr app to create a code to make the sun set? Download the instructions here.

Laptop Activity 1

Complete the Animate Your Name tutorial using Scratch Project Editor

Laptop Activity 2

Complete the Make it Fly tutorial using Scratch

Unplugged Activity 1

How have you developed your digital literacy skills in our Pegasus session today? In a small group, create a glossary to build on each week as your programming skills develop in our digital technologies program.