Grade 3/4 in the NHC

Grade 3/4 Pegasus students will be entering the Special Category – Australian Wartime Experiences

Students will research Australia’s wartime history and gain an understanding of the service and sacrifice of the men and women who served Australia in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations

The 2017 theme is Making a Better World?

Australian wartime experiences can include events, the contribution of individuals and/or particular groups such as leaders, women, Indigenous etc. You might research a theme such as innovation during wartime.

In considering your research for the Australian Wartime Experiences category, you may wish to investigate some of the following:

– Describe how an individual, group or event in Australia’s wartime experience has made the world better.

– To what extent did an individual, group or event in Australia’s wartime experience make the world better?

– Investigate an aspect of Australia’s wartime experience and challenge whether or not it contributed to a ‘better’ world. Consider the definition of ‘better’.

If you enter this category, you must consider how Australian wartime experiences made a better world at a specific point in time.

The purpose of commemoration within the Department of Veterans’ Affairs is to honour the service and sacrifice of all those who have served. All responses need to be respectful of this.

You will be required to show evidence of visiting resources on the Anzac Portal


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A group of Grade 3/4 Pegasus students will be entering the Special Category – History of Sport

“Making a Better World?” in the World of Sport

The modern world is full of sport: both elite professional and weekend sports. It has become a feature of our modern world. How has this changed and developed over time?

How important is winning and could the victory ‘make a better world’ for an individual or for a country?  To what lengths will people or governments go in order to win?  How does participating in sport contribute to making a better world? Have some people been able to use success in sport to make a world better? Has there been a cost? There are many questions that arise in the consideration of what sport has led to in our world.

You could consider the role of individual sportspeople, administrators, governments, scientists, and/or new technology to improve performance and community health. Does this end up making a better world for all or only for some?

Is sport seen differently in Australia from other places in the world?

In this category you need to look at Making a Better World? in respect of a sportsperson, a particular sport, or sport in general. You could look at an Australian example or a non-Australian one or you could compare the two.